Wouldn't you like to know? (roamingtigress) wrote in d_housewives_rp,
Wouldn't you like to know?

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Character Chosen: Carlos Solis
Why you chose this character: I chose Carlos because he looked a little lonely not having been taken ;) J/K I chose him because I find him an interesting character that's just waiting for more development to come to him. I wasn't a fan of his initially, but . . . He's warmed up on me.
How long have you been watching Desperate Housewives?: Since the pilot, if I recall.
What is your favorite scene up til now?: The scene in which Susan and Bree comfort Lynette in the soccar field. Very emotional stuff, that. More related to the character I've chosen; when he gets into a "I'm the man of the house" mode and is taunted by Gabriel's bucket of chicken when she crosses the street.
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